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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Bookings Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is only possible for 14 days after the date and time of booking. ​

A full refund will only be given if the cancellation request is given within 14 days of making a booking, and at least 24 hours before the start of the first session of the relevant course.

Cancellation requests received less than 24 hours prior to the start of the relevant course will have the cost of the first session deducted from the amount refunded.

Cancellation requests received after a course has begun will only be refunded for the whole sessions that are yet to begin.

To cancel click below:

Alternatively, you can get in touch on 07311 623686 (calls charged at basic rate) and leave the following details:

  • Reason for contact

  • Your name

  • Your phone number

  • Name of participant (if different)

  • Start date, time and location of course you would like to cancel

Cancellation of classes by Pick up and Knit may occur at any time due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. illness. In the case of classes held within a school this will be communicated to the school at the earliest opportunity. For classes held online, or in person outside a school setting, this will be communicated to all participants, by E-mail and/or telephone (text), at the earliest opportunity. Any sessions missed due to a cancellation by Pick up and Knit will be held at a later date, refunded or a credit will be offered for a future class as appropriate.

Change of date, time and location of classes may be subject to change at any time, but as much notice as possible will be given in all cases.

If a session is missed by a Knitting Club participant, every effort will be made to enable them to attend on another day during that course instead. This will be arranged directly with the participant. If this is not possible they can attend an extra session during a subsequent Knitting Club course, if and only if, they have made a booking for that course.

If a session is missed by an 11-17 participant they may, at the discretion of Pick up and Knit, receive a voucher code for a discount off a subsequent 11-17 course.


Privacy and GDPR Policy

All data held is obtained when completing a Pick up and Knit form. This includes:




Phone number



Special requirements (including medical)

Participant over or under 18

Confirmation of Duke of Edinburgh award participation


Names will be used to record takings for tax purposes and to keep a record of sales, attendance and skills learnt. Names of those under 18 may also be used to issue certificates as appropriate.

E-mail addresses and phone numbers will only be used for communication purposes with Pick up and Knit and can be unsubscribed from at any time, by sending a request to

The cardholder's address is required for added security on the payment page.

A participant's address is required for posting any orders, knitting materials or finished items to their home or to confirm the venue if the class is taking place in their own home.

Class is required for knitting courses relevant to a school, to help identify anyone under 18, to pass on any materials or communication, to allow certificates to be completed and passed on to the right attendee, and to keep a record of the skills learnt by students.

Special requirements (including medical) are required to determine any adaptations that are necessary within the class or venue to allow the participant to be accommodated, especially with regard to health and safety.

It is necessary to record whether the participant is over or under 18 to ensure they are attending the relevant course for their age group.

Confirmation of Duke of Edinburgh award participation is required to enable a record of progression to be kept in preparation for writing an assessor's report on completion.

Data will be held for 6 years to comply with the current requirements of the Inland Revenue. This is subject to change at any time, e.g. if the current Inland Revenue requirements are amended.


At no time will payment details be recorded or stored.


Data will never be shared unless express permission is obtained first OR it is deemed necessary to pass on any information on to another association or body e.g. police.


Images of participants will never be taken by Pick up and Knit. Images of items being worked on or completed by participants may be taken, but these will not be associated with any names if they are used elsewhere e.g. on the website. Images of work may be requested by Pick up and Knit to give advice on correcting mistakes or for use on the Pick up and Knit website. 


Your Rights

Under GDPR you can exercise the following free of charge:

  • Know what Pick up and Knit are doing with your information and why

  • Ask to see any information being held by Pick up and Knit

  • Ask for any mistakes on the information held by Pick up and Knit to be corrected

  • Object to direct marketing

  • Make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office

  • Withdraw consent (if applicable)


Depending on the reason Pick up and Knit has for using your information you may also be entitled to:

  • Ask for any information held to be deleted

  • Have information transferred electronically to yourself or another organisation

  • Object to decisions being made that significantly affect you

  • Object to how Pick up and Knit use your information

  • Prevent Pick up and Knit using your information in a certain way

Internet Safety for Online Courses

  • Online courses to take place using Zoom

  • It is advised that users display their first name only

  • Users to ensure they are using the latest version of Zoom

  • Users to keep devices used up to date with latest security updates

  • Users to ensure no personal items are visible in the background

  • Virtual backgrounds are available on Zoom for some devices if required

  • Attendance of online sessions to be by invitation from Pick up and Knit only

  • Meeting request notifications will be received via E-mail from Pick up and Knit

  • Group sessions must have at least two other attendees to take place, plus the tutor, however, if that is not possible the person attending will be given a free credit for another session or a refund as appropriate

  • Parents and guardians are encouraged to be within earshot and sight of any device being used by anyone under 18 during sessions

  • An online waiting room function will be used, so the tutor can manage who joins the meeting

  • The tutor can lock meeting at any time to prevent anyone else from joining

  • If the meeting has started and you are unable to join, send a text to 07311 623686

  • Online meetings will not be recorded, unless specifically requested, and all participants will be made aware

  • Meetings can be ended at any time, by any participant, if a security breach is suspected

  • All users encouraged to hide screen if inappropriate content becomes visible

  • Any personal information (e.g. passwords) shared by the child with the tutor will be disclosed to parents

  • It is recommended that anyone under 18 attending a course does so in a shared family area or somewhere where an adult can view what is happening at regular intervals

  • Tutor will be located in a shared area of their own home

  • Others may be present with the tutor during the video call, but will not be taking part

General Safety

  • Finished items are NOT toys


Complaints Policy

Please send the details of any complaints to Pick up and Knit at, or contact 07311 623686 (calls charged at normal rate), where they will be dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Please include all the following details

  • Reason for contact

  • Your name

  • Name of participant/s (if different)

  • Course day, time and location


Current Covid-19 guidelines will be followed at all times. Classes in person will only be held when it is safe to do so.

Guidelines for cleaning of surfaces and hands will be followed at all times.

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